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Frequently Asked Landscaping Questions

We’ve collected all your most frequently asked questions and assembled this handy go-to sheet. If you’d like to ask us a question directly, don’t hesitate to contact us at (770) 466-0002 to speak to a representative on the phone or schedule an appointment to speak to us in person! We love hearing your questions and concerns.

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What Kind of Landscaping Projects Do You Do?

Your safety is our business too, proper precautions and guidelines are made to ensure safe work during Covid-19.

Is Bluewater Outdoor Services Properly Insured?

Workers compensation and general liability certificates will be set prior to commencement of work. Taking care of you and your property, taking liability off the client.

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How Do I Get an Estimate?

Call us at (770) 466-0002 to set up an appointment for an in-person assessment of your project. Sometimes details can be released over the phone, but that’s on a case by case basis.

What Is Your Design Process?

Our experienced designers meet with the client and establish the details of what their vision really is. Next, our team will filter this vision through our specialized knowledge of the ins and outs of how similar projects have happened, suggest amendments, and solve budgetary and design concerns. We then produce a final design by working with both the client and the contractors who will be finishing the job.

What Is Your Landscaping Process?

We have a network of contractors and other specialists who will do an in-person assessment to give an accurate estimate and run any tests that need to be run before we start. A timeframe will be given to the client, so they can plan around having people working on their residential or commercial property. Then the job gets done, staying in close communication with the client the whole time!

Why Should I Work with a Landscape Designer?

Our clients constantly amaze us with the beautiful and functional projects they propose to our designers and contractors. The benefit of working with a landscape designer is that the full scope of a project can be better understood by both the client and the contractors working on the project. This usually leads to a project that goes off more smoothly, and also stays carefully within budget.